Water resource

Basic ideas

Basic ideas for water resource

Water is essential for Tokai Carbon’s business activities, and we are also aware that it is a vital resource in the local communities where our company’s plants, etc. are located. Because of that, we are promoting efficient use of water companywide through water recycling and manufacturing process improvements.


Water risk assessment

At Tokai Carbon, we use WRI Aqueduct to identify water-stressed regions. In a 2019 survey, none of our domestic bases including the Head Office, branches and group companies were located in highly water-stressed regions.
*There are no domestic bases located in regions that come under “Overall Water Risk”, one of the WRI Aqueduct risk categories.


Environmental data

Number of violations of water related laws, regulations, etc. in fiscal 2018: 1

Water Usage and Discharges of Environmentally Hazardous Substances into Water (Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.)

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Units 2016*1 2017*1 2018*1
Water use 1,000m3 2,612 2,698 2,761
BOD emissions kg 2,385 1,062 1,461
COD emissions kg 10,174 9,473 6,944
NOx emissions t 571 663 672
SOx emissions t 664 1,031 1,162
Total nitrogen*2 t 4.7 5.4
Total phosphorus*2 t 0.2 0.2
  • *1 Data-gathering period: April to March of the following year.
  • *2 Reporting scope: Business locations that could impact the bodies of water specified in the Ministry of the Environment’s “Environmental Quality Standards for Water Pollution”attached table titled, “Environmental Quality Standards for Conservation of the Living Environment (Coastal waters, lakes)."

Amount of water drainage at main production bases (1,000 m3)

2016 2017 2018
Amount of water output 1,804 1,877 1,891
(Breakdown)Sewer 90 102 104
River 433 471 460
Sea 1,281 1,305 1,327
  • *Period of calculation: April to March each year

Amount of water intake at main production bases (1,000 m3)

2016 2017 2018
Amount of water intake 2,566 2,704 2,765
(Breakdown)Tap water 223 251 286
River(industrial water) 1,743 1,796 1,858
Ground water 601 657 621
  • *Period of calculation: April to March each year