Fine Carbon

Tokai Carbon offers a range of special graphite products for silicon semiconductors, solar cell manufacturing, and more. Available in many shapes and sizes, they are suitable for a wide range of applications in general industry, including in all kinds of molds and nozzles for continuous casting.

What is Fine Carbon?

The word "fine" in English has a double meaning: it can mean "wonderful", and it can also mean something broken down or refined into small pieces. So, as the name suggests, fine carbon is made from tiny carbon particles broken down to the micron level. It is used in semiconductors and other fields that demand high precision. Resistant to heat and corrosion, conductive and easy to process, fine carbon is used in molds, casts and a wide range of other applications in general industry. Tokai Carbon, one of only a handful of fine carbon manufacturers around the world, offers a wide variety of products to suit our customers' needs.

Smartphone Cases

Fine carbon is an essential component in the metal molds used to form the delicately curved surface of smartphone cases.


Fine carbon is used in the heat treatment of semiconductor wafers.

OEL Displays

Light and thin next-generation displays rely on fine carbon materials.

LED Lights

Fine carbon is found in the consumable parts of equipment used to manufacture light-emitting diodes (LED) elements.

Solar Panels

Fine carbon improves the performance of the crucible or heater in furnaces used to produce crystal silicon.

Car Navigation Systems

Fine carbon is essential in the manufacture of devices like car navigation systems and LCD screens.

Front Grills

Electrical discharge machining relies on graphite as a conductor. This is the process used to manufacture molds that produce the fine detail on the front grills of cars.

LED Lights

Fine carbon is used in the manufacture of semiconductors for LED lights.


Fine carbon is used in tire and wheel molds.

Fine Carbon Varieties

Isotropic Graphite G/HK Series

Isotropic graphite is a type of fine carbon formed by applying equal pressure from all directions. Tokai Carbon offers a wide line up of chemical-resistant, self-lubricating isotropic graphite products. It includes the HK Series, which is graphite for discharge machining, a method a making intricately shaped molds using electrical discharges (sparks). We also offer the G Series, graphite which expands little under heat and therefore has excellent thermal shock resistance.

Extruded Graphite

Extruded graphite is a bar-shaped version of fine carbon. Each bar is created by forcing section after section of graphite out of a metal mouthpiece. It is available in both solid and hollow forms. Extruded graphite is used in the heater of vacuum furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.

SiC Coated Carbon

SiC coated carbon is made by applying a mix of silicon and carbon to the surface of fine carbon. In semiconductor manufacturing, impurities have to be avoided at all costs. SiC coated carbon's coating and super high-purity materials prevent the release of graphite dust and other fine particles, ensuring a clean manufacturing process and winning this product a great reputation.

Glassy Carbon

Tokai Carbon applied its unique technology to develop glassy carbon, a world first carbon product made by firing resin and then applying more heat. Black and glass-like in form, glassy carbon is highly pure, chemical resistant and impermeable to gas. It is used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

C/C Composite

C/C composite is a super strong carbon product made by reinforcing a carbon matrix with carbon fibers. This type of fine carbon was developed in the hunt for heat resistant materials for space exploration. An ideal heat resistant composite material, it maintains its strength even under high temperatures. It is used in semiconductor manufacturing and in heat treatment materials.

Solid SiC

Solid SiC is a high-purity solid silicon carbide made by the chemical vapor deposition method. Tokai Carbon used its unique manufacturing methods to thicken the approximately 100 micron (0.1 mm) SiC coating to make it usable in industry. Highly pure, strong and corrosion resistant, solid SiC works excellently with silicon. It is expected to be the ideal material for semiconductor equipment parts.

Carbon Brushes

Our carbon brushes are made by mixing carbon and metal. This molded graphite uses carbon as a conductor to transmit electrical current between motor parts. Tokai Carbon's carbon brushes are mainly used in big motors, such as in trains or elevators.

Resin-Impregnated Graphite

Resin-impregnated graphite is a type of fine carbon. It is made by infiltrating resin into isotropic graphite, filling in all the tiny holes inside. It acts as a separator to stop two materials from mixing in hot and chemically harsh environments.

Furnace Materials

Carbon's conductivity and heat resistance make it an effective electrode. When a large electrical current passes through the tip of an electrode, it generates extreme heat by breaking down gas (called an "arc discharge"). This heat is used in industrial furnaces to melt substances like glass.