Pollution and resource


Activities to reduce environmental burden

To reduce our environmental burden at Tokai Carbon, we not only take measures required by various laws, but also strive to reduce environmental pollutants based on our voluntary standards that are stricter than current laws.
For industrial waste, we will focus on further reduction of consignment disposal volume and overall disposal volume, by thoroughly separating waste and recycling.
In order to reduce environmental load on the atmosphere, we aim to reduce the SOx and NOx emissions of Tokai Carbon itself to below the legal emission standard level every year by managing our operations through fuel conversion, improvement of combustion methods, and appropriate operation management of our flue gas desulfurization units. We have again achieved emissions below our target level in 2023.
For 2024, the scope will be expanded to cover consolidated companies (Tokai Carbon itself and its major domestic and overseas group companies), with the aim of reducing NOx emissions to 3,400 t/y or less for NOx, (base year 2021), 18,600 t/y or less for SOx emissions (base year 2021), and 280 t/y or less for VOC’s.

Efficient use of resources

At Tokai Carbon, we produce various types of carbon products from raw materials such as petroleum pitch, feedstock, natural gas, and so on. To use resources more efficiently, we are making ongoing improvements to our production methods enabling us to produce more products with fewer raw materials.

Responding to regulations regarding chemical substances

Tokai Carbon carries out strict control of chemical substances that are hazardous and toxic to human health or to the environment, and is actively engaged in reducing their use. Furthermore, Tokai Carbon has set the following substances as “Prohibited Substances” and prohibits the manufacture and sale of products that contain these Prohibited Substances.

Regulation Substances
Industrial Safety and Health Act Substances prohibited from being manufactured, etc.
Industrial Safety and Health Act Specified Chemical Substances Group 1 Substances as defined in Appended Table 3 of the Order for Enforcement of Industrial Safety and Health Act
Act on the Regulation of Manufacture and Evaluation of Chemical Substances Class I Specified Chemical Substances
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Specified Poisonous Substances
Act on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Regulation Regarding Restrictions, etc., of Specified Substances Specified Substances (Agents listed in Table 1 of the Chemical Weapons Prohibition Act)
Act on the Protection of the Ozone Layer through the Control of Specified Substances, etc., and Other Measures Specified substances listed in Annex A and B
Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs Convention) Substances listed in Annex A, B, and C
  • *Scope: Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.


Environmental data

Industrial waste generation and treatment(t)

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Action 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Waste Generation 7,816 8,272 9,400 7,749 6,854 5,849
Recycling Rate 66% 84% 89% 85% 87% 89%
Waste Consigned for Processing 3,781 3,543 5,052 3,724 3,250 2,289
Final disposal rate 45% 23% 17% 19% 18% 11%
Final disposal amount 3,517 1,902 1,598 1,472 1,233 643
  • *Period of calculation: January to December each year
  • *The scope of reporting:Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd. + Major domestic subsidiaries (Tokai Konetsu Kogyo, Tokai Fine Carbon, Tokai Material)

Generation and disposal of waste plastics (tons)

Amount of waste plastic generated 263
Recycling rate 68%
  • * Aggregation period: April to March each year
  • * Scope: Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.

Aiming to further improve the recycling rate, we will work on thorough sorting and effective use of waste plastics.

Main materials used (amounts purchased)(t)

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  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2022
Carbon black feedstock 1,272,844 1,125,918 777,673 1,016,481 882,392 962,285
Calcined coke 113,569 99,376 16,643 78,266 91,453 67,207
  • *Carbon black feedstock coverage: Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd., Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co., Ltd., Tokai Carbon (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Tokai Carbon CB Ltd.
  • *Calcined coke coverage: Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd., Tokai Erftcarbon GmbH, Tokai Carbon GE LLC

Discharges of Environmentally Hazardous Substances into atmosphere

  Units 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
NOx emissions t/year 672 587 497 492 554
SOx emissions t/year 1,162 942 579 736 945
Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions t/year 0.8 0.6 1.0 1.1 1.2
  • *Period of calculation: April to March each year
  • *The scope of reporting:Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.

Hazardous waste emissions (t)

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
49 316 58 41 16
  • *Period of calculation: January to December each year
  • *The scope of reporting:Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.
  • *Specially controlled industrial waste (PCB) emissions