Frequently asked questions

Major inquiries

Q.Give me a brief guide of your business model

A.It’s here! “Quick guide to Tokai Carbon’s Business
We also have here a short 3 minutes movie introducing Tokai Carbon Business.

Q.Would you describe what kind of company are you like?

A.Global carbon manufacturer havingmajor products as graphite electrodes used in the steel industry and carbon black to make rubber a tire. For more details, please see "Hajime-mashite”Tokai Carbon"

Q.What is your basic philosophy?

A.“Ties of Reliability” For more details please visit “basic philosophy

Q.Do you engage in climate change through your business?

A.Tokai Carbon is working to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the unit energy consumption. See "Climate Change" on the Sustainability Page for more details.

Q.When is your next financial result announcement?

A.We provide the latest IR schedule in the “Coming events

Q.What is your policy towards the dividend.

A.Aiming for a payout ratio of 30% with emphasis on stable continuity

Q.Please tell me about your recent financial results

A.We posted our latest results “here!

Business Management

Q.Would you talk about your mid-term management plan and its progress?

A.Thank you. We posted our recent mid-term management plan and its progress in “Mid-term management plan

Q.What is your latest guidance?

A.Please check our latest guidance through the financial results briefing materials section

Q.How do you position SDGs in your business

A.In order to contribute to the environmental and social issues converged in the SDGs through our business activities, we analyze the importance of Tokai Carbon and our stakeholders and identify important issues (materiality). We have now launched a project to tackle this materiality through our KPI goals set at each division. For more information, see "Important managerial Issues (Materiality) and Goals" in "Sustainability".

Q.Please tell me about your growth project

A.Under the current rolling plan, we will continue to invest in growth areas and work to increase future value. For the outlook for growth investment, please refer to the latest document of Mid-term management plan

Q.What is exciting about your company?

A.Tokai Carbon has implemented four M & A deals totaling 160 billion yen over the three years from 2017 to 2019. All companies have contributed to consolidated profit since the first year of the acquisition. Our latest M&A completed in July 2019 was the Tokai Cobex (Germany). We expect higher growth in this business with the development of the aluminum industry.

Q.Any business outlook?

A.For more detailed descriptions, please refer to Integrated Report and the latest financial results presentation.

Stock and General shareholder meeting

Q.Month of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held.

A.The meeting is held at the end of March. More specific information will be provided in the notice of convocation in early March.

Q.Do you give away gifts at your general shareholder meeting?

A.We do not have giveaway gifts.

Q.Your fiscal year end?

A.Same as the Calendar year. January 1 to December 31.

Q.What is your next scheduled IR event?

A.Please let us inform you through the “IR event” page

Q.What is your policy towards the dividend

A.Aiming for a payout ratio of 30% with emphasis on stable continuity

Q.Any plan for share buybacks?

A.The Company will flexibly implement treasury stock purchases in consideration of the business environment, business outlook, stock prices, and other factors. In case of implementation, we will disclose it in news releases on our website according to the timely disclosure system of Tokyo Stock Exchange.


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