Carbon neutral initiatives

Climate change

Tokai Carbon Group recognizes that addressing climate change is an important management issue. In November 2021, by resolution of the Board of the Directors, the Group expressed its support the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).
We will take appropriate measures toward achieving a low-carbon and carbon-neutral society by understanding the impact of climate change on our business based on TCFD recommendations.

CO2 Emissions Reduction Target

Tokai Carbon Group’s CO2 Emissions Reduction Target

Tokai Carbon Group targets reducing CO2 emissions by 25% (VS 2018) before 2030 and achieving carbon-neutrality in 2050.

* The targets pertain to Scope 1 and 2


Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

We will take steps to reduce CO2 emissions using existing technologies to achieve a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, aiming for the earliest possible time. With respect to raw materials, we are considering introducing nature-derived and renewable resources. We will diversity from fossil fuels to electric energy and renewable energy for manufacturing. We will also make capital investments in energy conservation. In addition, we will actively use new technologies and innovate towards net-zero carbon emissions in 2050. Amid revolutionary technological advances worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions, we will actively introduce technologies that are likely to find full practical application.


Organization for Carbon Neutrality

We reorganized the Carbon Neutral Project launched in May 2021 into a Carbon Neutral Committee in January 2022 to reinforce the organization. Serving as a high-level command tower for our carbon neutral efforts, it plans companywide policies and strategies. It visualizes issues and actions and centrally controls them. Under the committee, we have set up different related meetings, technical subcommittees, and technical study groups to implement specific strategies and measures for increasing the Group’s competitiveness cross-divisionally.