Building a Future of Technology and Trust


CEO’s Greeting

A New Century for Tokai Carbon Begins

Since our founding in 1918 as a pioneer in the Japanese carbon industry, we have provided diverse products in a wide range of industrial sectors, such as steelmaking, chemicals and automobiles. By doing so, we have helped develop Japan's economy and, since the 1980s, we have also expanded our operations abroad. Our corporate philosophy is "Ties of Reliability." While I believe that our endeavors to deepen trust with all our stakeholders worldwide—including our customers, shareholders and local communities—have brought us where we are today, we remember that it is not our company's past that will build trust in the future, but rather who we are moving forward. Now, as technology, including AI and IoT, and society itself transform at unbelievable speed, our history and traditions from the past 100 years hold little meaning on their own. I understand that this is an age in which the only companies that survive will be the ones that are flexible, daring and quick to innovate in response to the changing times and the needs of our era. We aspire to be a company that exceeds your past expectations of Tokai Carbon in a positive way. We further aspire to ready ourselves to raise corporate value by making a fresh start, thereby contributing to society. I hope I can count on your continued support.

President & CEO Hajime Nagasaka
President & CEO
Hajime Nagasaka