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Company History

1918年 1918年

Founded as Tokai Electrode Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Business set up to provide a steady supply of quality graphite electrodes. Anticipated growth in electricity-using industries with healthy demand for carbon products. Was also a response to make effective use of the excess electricity at the time.

1936年 1936年

Japan's first exports of graphite electrodes (from the Nagoya Plant to Sweden)

1938年 1938年

Chigasaki Plant completed. Began production of carbon motor brushes and carbon rods.

1941年 1941年

First full-scale production of carbon black in Japan at the Kyushu-Wakamatsu Plant.

1950年 1950年

Developed SEAST 116, Japan's first industrial-grade carbon black.

1960年 1960年

Completed TD350, a carbon motor brush with excellent rectification and abrasion resistance, for the main motor in high-speed trains on the Tokaido Shinkansen(Bullet train). Won popularity for use in high-speed rail.

1962年 1962年

Supplied the first Japanese 24-inch graphite electrodes and exported to Britain, Canada and West Germany.

1975年 1975年

Changed trade name to Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.

1986年 1986年

The Tanoura Plant commenced production exclusively dedicated to fine carbon.

1987年 1987年

Established Tokai Carbon America, Inc. in New York as an overseas subsidiary to strengthen Tokai Carbon's sales activities outside Japan.

1990年 1990年

Helped finance Thai Carbon Product Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Thailand. Concluded a contract to provide Tokai Carbon's carbon production technology.

1992年 1992年

Merged with Toyo Carbon Co., Ltd.

1994年 1994年

Japan's Orbital Reentry Experiment (OREX) vehicle was launched with a nose cap outfitted with our carbon-carbon (C/C) composites.

1996年 1996年

Established Tokai Carbon U.S.A., Inc. as an overseas subsidiary in Oregon to operate in businesses such as SiC coating.

2004年 2004年

Established subsidiary Tokai Carbon (Tianjin) Co., Ltd in Tianjin, China to produce and sell carbon black.

2005年 2005年

Acquired German graphite electrode and cathode producer ERFTCARBON GmbH (now TOKAI ERFTCARBON GmbH).

2012年 2012年

Established subsidiary Tokai Carbon (Tianjin) Co., Ltd in Tianjin, China to produce and sell carbon black.

2014年 2014年

Acquired Canadian carbon black producer Cancarb Limited.

2017年 2017年

With rapid growth in LiB anode materials, separated the anode material business from the R&D Strategy Division and made it a division.

Development of Leading Products for Their Time: LiB Anode Materials, Aqua Carbon Black and More

Tokai Carbon also has an established reputation for R&D that mines new potential for carbon. Global demand for lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) is rising, due in part to the popularization of electric vehicles. The anode materials in those batteries determine their performance. Tokai Carbon develops and supplies quality anode material products at low cost by leveraging our world-leading heat treatment technology. Additionally, thanks to the jet-black properties of Aqua Carbon Black created with our unique technology, major printer manufacturers use it as inkjet printer ink for printing sharp lines.