Smelting and Lining

Tokai COBEX is a leading global supplier of carbon and graphite products as well as solutions for various smelting applications.

What is Smelting and Lining?

Our Smelting and Lining business consists of three product types: Cathodes for aluminum smelters, Lining blocks for blast furnaces, and Carbon Electrodes for submerged arc furnaces. Cathode blocks we supply are installed as cathodes at the hearth of aluminum smelting furnaces and used for electrolysis in combination with anodes their counter electrodes. Since cathodes are consumable items, they are to be replaced in 4 to 6 year cycles. Lining blocks for blast furnaces are carbon or graphite-based refractory materials used to line the inner part of blast furnaces for iron production. Carbon electrodes are used in smelting processes such as for silicon metal, ferroalloys and phosphorous, copper and etc. We hold world-leading market shares in those three major products driving the industry with production capabilities, global customer base and quality-related technology.

Quick Look Smelting and Lining Business


Automobile parts

Aluminium is now used for various structural parts of automobile amid the lightening needs


Aluminum wheels, having the properties of corrosion resistance, heat release and excellence in design, are becoming widespread among various vehicles

Aluminium cans

Aluminium cans are now becoming to replace steel cans and plastic bottles for beverages.

Smelting and Lining Products


Carbon and graphite materials with specific thermal, electrical and mechanical properties applied in the lining of electrolysis cells for the production of primary aluminium smelting
Graphitized and non-graphitized cathodes as well as all related products (e.g. pastes, sidewall blocks etc.)

Furnace Linings

Custom-made carbon and graphite lining materials for blast furnaces used in hot metal (“pig iron”) production for steel
Carbon, Graphite and Microporous furnace linings as well as pastes

Carbon Electrodes

Used as electrical current conductors in submerged arc furnaces (SAFs) for production of silicon metals, ferroalloys, phosphorus, lead, nickel, copper and recycling applications
Carbon electrodes and paste for composite and Soederberg electrodes