Welcome to Tokai Carbon.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company.

Over one hundred years have passed since the company was founded. This is what we do.

As a pioneer in the carbon industry, Tokai Carbon has led the industry in Japan and has expanded its business to offer that quality globally over the past century.
We manufacture and supply high quality carbon and graphite products to the global market in a wide range of industries, including the iron and steel, aluminum, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, and electronics industries.

  • Graphite electrodes黒鉛電極
  • Carbon blackカーボンブラック
  • Fine carbonファインカーボン
  • Smelting and Lining精錬ライニング
  • Industrial furnace and related products工業炉関連
  • Anode materials負極材
  • Friction materials摩擦材

Tokai Carbon Products

Tokai Carbon’s main business is manufacturing carbon, graphite, and other high quality materials.

Some are indispensable raw materials used in tires, printer ink, solar panels, and other visible products. However, nearly all of the other uses are not directly visible to you. This is because many of these materials are used in the pre-manufacturing stage of any final product assembly line.

That makes these materials indispensable to all sorts of industries.

Many products that support our modern upscale lifestyles are created through manufacturing processes that feature the use of high-grade carbon or graphite. These materials are important because it would be difficult to maintain and improve our current abundant lifestyles without them.
These materials can provide a huge variety of forms, special designs, and functions, and are also the substance of our dreams for the future.

They are supporting something right next to you, which is not immediately apparent.

Tokai Carbon’s growth

Enriching Japan as a country.
That was how Tokai Carbon began.

Tokai Carbon was founded in 1918.The company was rooted in the founder’s idea that he wanted to enrich the lives of people through the domestic production of high quality electrodes essential to steel production, which was an industry of national importance.
We have built unshakable reliability, earned through consistent, steady efforts over time to provide useful technologies to people, to society, and to the world without wavering, for more than 100 years.

We are expanding that abundance
and supporting a sustainable society.

We have held firmly to the view that we must focus on mutual relationships of trust and never sacrifice the abundance of others or the environment, precisely because Tokai Carbon is a company that provides convenience, freedom, and comfort to the daily lives of people. We are actively working to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations while confronting issues in the global environment, society, and governance.

We have generated new businesses from our main businesses and achieved global growth through consistent effort.

Tokai Carbon has steadily worked to achieve sustainable growth in our two main businesses, graphite electrodes and carbon black, in which we have commanded the position of No. 1 in domestic market share from the beginning. We have used that strong revenue base to invest in new businesses and overseas strategy and establish the new growth businesses in fine carbon, industrial furnaces,anode materials,friction materials, and smelting components and furnace linings.The company is building a structure that will enable stable sustainable growth in a broader variety of product categories.

There is a reason why we have also succeeded in friendly M&A.

In the mergers and acquisitions we have executed in the past, we have been able to build very good relationships through such means as holding a welcome ceremony hosted by local employees and inviting the mayor and legislators to participate.
We have been able to share our record of accomplishments over more than a century and our corporate culture of placing importance on “ties” in many cases.We are delighted that our M&A partners feel that things will go well if they partner with Tokai Carbon.

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The “Ties of Reliability” that we have cultivated for more than a century constitute the corporate philosophy of Tokai Carbon.

Developing “Ties of Reliability” with our shareholders, customers, suppliers, local communities, employees, and all other stakeholders around the world through our corporate activities is the corporate philosophy of Tokai Carbon. We regard shareholder return as an important management issue in striving to enhance corporate value over the long term, and will work to provide a stable, consistent dividends while taking investment plans, cash flow, and other factors aimed at revenue growth in mind.