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Community Contribution Activities

Basic ideas

Basic ideas on contributing to communities

Through our community contribution activities, we aim for partnerships and harmony with our local communities. We strive to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of local society, and we work to strengthen Ties of Reliability and relationships with local communities through domestic and international communication.


Participating in community-based emergency-response activities

Tokai Carbon actively participates in community emergency-response associations. This includes training to work with local communities to respond to emergency cases. Our employees participate in activities such as firefighting competitions and traffic safety support for students at railway crossings.

Participating in s firefighting competition

Participating in s firefighting competition(Tanoura Plant)

Social education

As part of our social education activities, we conduct plant tours that give students and municipality representatives a close-up look at manufacturing. We also accept interns, and send our researchers to conduct seminars for children as part of our proactive involvement in fostering future generations.
By playing this role in the education of everyone in the community, we aim to keep contributing to the community in the future.

Plant tours for students (Hofu Plant)

Plant tours for students (Hofu Plant)

Making our facilities available to local communities

To enhance relations with local communities, we allow local residents to use athletic fields, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities located within our plant sites. Lending out these facilities is helping to keep people in the community healthy.
At our Ishinomaki Plant, we have partnered with the city of Ishinomaki to make those facilities available for use as a tsunami evacuation site.

Ishinomaki Plant

Ishinomaki Plant

Regular conference for local residents

TOKAI ERFTCARBON, located in Germany, holds periodic meetings with the local residents to disseminate information and receive feedback, mainly on environmental issues.

Sharing information with local residents

Sharing information with local residents(TOKAI ERFTCARBON GmbH)

Supporting local activities

We participate actively in community events to interact with the community, and support children’s growth by backing local sports teams and donating to preschools. We also try to keep everyone in the community healthy by providing a medical check-up service for those living near our plant.

Employees volunteered to support the local marathons race

Employees volunteered to support the local marathons race(Cancarb, Ltd.)

Donation of play equipment to the nursery school

Donation of play equipment to the nursery school(TOKAI ERFTCARBON GmbH)

Provided Health checkup service to the neighbors

Provided Health checkup service to the neighbors(Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co., Ltd.)

Distributed foods for the poor

Distributed foods for the poor(Tokai Carbon Korea Co., Ltd.)

Environmental protection activities

We donated twenty trees to the city of Medicine Hat and planted them voluntarily

Tree planting (Cancarb Limited)

Tree planting (Cancarb Limited)

As part of their training, interns at TOKAI ERFTCARBON GmbH participated in cleanup activities near the plant.

Interns participating in a cleanup activity

Interns participating in a cleanup activity( TOKAI ERFTCARBON GmbH )

Safety improvement initiative

We asked employees' children to appear on Safe Plant Children, a video project to increase safety awareness at workplaces.

(Tokai COBEX).

(Tokai COBEX)


Social contribution activity expenditure(Consolidated)

Fiscal 2021: 22 millions of yen