Business Models of Graphite Electrode Division Quick Look Graphite Electrode Business

01 Main Raw Materials

  • Needle coke Needle-like crystals develop.
    Low thermal expansion coefficient.

  • Pitch Produced by heat treatment of coal tar.
    Carbonizes under heat (50% yield).

02 製造工程

Needle coke and pitch are mixed and then molded. Heat treatment is then applied in the baking and graphitization process to form the finished product.

  • Kneeding/extrusion baking

  • Primary baking
    (1 months)

  • Pitch impregnation
    (Few days)

  • Secondary baking
    (2 to 4 weeks)

  • Graphitization - Machining

  • Finished product - Shipping

Manufacturing site in Japan, Germany and in North America

  • Annual production capacity
  • United States 40 thousand ton
  • Germany 30 thousand ton
  • Japan 26 thousand ton

03 Sales

Reach customers worldwide with tripolar structure in Asia, Europe and North America.

Head Office (Tokyo), overseeing global sales

Sales and technical service network covering all of Europe and the Americas.

04 Customers

Steel manufacturers
(electric arc furnace steelmaking)

東海カーボンの強み / 1. First company in Japan to commercially manufacture 32-inch dia. graphite electrodes using our ultra-large diameter graphite electrode manufacturing technology. / 2. Proximity to needle coke manufacturer ensures stable supply. / 3. Efficient supply of high-quality graphite electrodes though our tripolar global production platform.