Business Models of Industrial Furnace and Related Products Quick Look Industrial Furnaces and Related Products Division Business

01 Main Raw Materials

  • SiC (silicon carbide)
    EREMA (silicon carbide) heating elements raw materials

  • Various industrial machines/materials
    For industrial furnaces, we deal with the design through assembly stages, so do not produce the raw materials.

02 Manufacturing Process

EREMA (silicon carbide) heating elements

  • Manufacture SiC as a raw material
  • About 1 month

Industrial furnaces

  • Design/

  • Determine specifications in advance, proceed from quote to order

  • Discuss details in meeting - Detailed design - Approval

  • Materials procurement - Assembly - Testing

  • Shipping - Installation on site

  • Test run at installation site

  • Delivery (official delivery)

4 to 8 months (depending on manufacturing process)

03 Sales

Exporting across Asia and worldwide from our sales bases in Japan and China.

04 Customers

  • Electronic components industry
    LiB-related industry
    Sheet glass/optical glass

  • Other industries involving heat treatment
    Ceramic materials and many other industries
    We work with a variety of distributors.

東海カーボンの強み / 1. EREMA (silicon carbide) heating elements: trusted, long-lasting, varied line up for different uses, proven performance. / 2. Industrial furnaces: custom-made, proven performance, strong on development. / 3. Comprehensive service including supply of heaters, heat resistance and high temperature materials.