Business Models of Carbon Black Division Quick Look Carbon Black Business

01 Main raw materials

  • Carbon black feedstock oil

  • Natural Gas
    *Thermal Black

02 Manufacturing Process

  • Raw materials

  • Carbon black furnace

  • Divide carbon black from by-product gases.

  • Fine grinding/mixing/

  • Finished product - Shipping

Within 24 hour

Furnace black:

  • Annual production capacity
  • United States 440 thousand ton
  • Japan 202 thousand ton (3 plants combined)
  • Thailand 180 thousand ton

Thermal black:

Canada 54 thousand ton

03 Sales

Our Japan and Thailand locations serve their own local markets and markets in other parts of Asia. The U.S. location serves the large U.S. market, and the Canadian location supplies thermal black to more than 44 countries worldwide.

04 Customers

  • Sumitomo Rubber Industries

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