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Industrial Furnace and Related Products

We Lead the Fine Ceramic Industry with State-of-the-Art Quality and Technological Capabilities

Our Diverse Products Are Increasingly Used in Different Fields Worldwide

Tokai Konetsu Techno Center

Tokai Konetsu Sendai Plant

Since its establishment in 1936 as an affiliated company, Tokai Konetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd., has been a pioneer in the fine ceramic industry. In particular, heating equipment using EREMA (silicon carbide) heating elements, which was first produced on a commercial basis in Japan, has seen significant improvements and is now used in diverse fields in many countries. Tokai Konetsu Kogyo also supplies high-grade (called "Super") refractories such as DIALITE and DALMITE, as well as various kinds of ceramic products, to meet diverse customer needs. In 1997, this affiliated company established Shanghai TOKAI KONETSU Co., Ltd., in China as part of its international deployment. In 2006, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokai Carbon, thereby forming a powerful wing of the Group.

Various Products to Meet Diverse Needs

EREMA (silicon carbide) heating elements

Widely used for the calcination of ceramic capacitors and electronic parts, as well as for dissolving glass, as a high-temperature thermal source.

Heating equipment

Equipment used for sintering, dissolving and/or heat treatment inside electric or gas furnaces. Tokai Konetsu Kogyo has composite technologies for diverse equipment and provides advanced heating equipment in different fields.

Super refractories

DIALITE made of silicon carbide and DALMITE made mainly of electrothermal alumina are refractories manufactured with our latest high-heat, high-temperature technologies.

Other products

EREMA resistors, which are highly reliable in rigorous operating conditions, and far-infrared direct-power-distributed heaters, which excel in durability and temperature-rising characteristics, have received high acclaim.

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