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Message from the President

  I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words on the occasion of my appointment as the new president of Tokai Carbon.
  The Tokai Carbon Group commenced operations as a pioneer in the carbon industry in Japan in 1918. We have been providing carbon products and related services up to the present day to a wide variety of industrial fields based on technology and quality.
  In addition to developing our five core businesses, namely Carbon Black, Graphite Electrodes, Fine Carbon, Friction Materials, and Industrial Furnaces and Related Products, the Group’s stage has broadened beyond the shores of Japan. First and foremost, as we pursue the path to become the “Global Leader in Carbon Materials,” we will provide the very best products to our customers in hopes of ensuring their complete satisfaction and, under our corporate philosophy, “Ties of Reliability,” we will make every effort to increase our corporate value in accordance with our four operating guidelines – ability to create value, fairness, ecology, and internationalism.
  In addition, as a mid-to-long term vision, we will strive to strengthen our corporate structure through innovation aiming to be a profitable, truly global company with a 100-year history by 2018, the year that will mark the 100th anniversary since our founding.
  Furthermore, the Group is committed to paying even greater attention to the fundamentals of manufacturing companies – security assurance, quality control, and environmental protection – and it will continue making efforts to enhance its corporate governance by fostering a dialogue with stakeholders, and strengthen its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with a focus on regional contribution. Even though our business environment is expected to continue changing dramatically, the entire Group will work towards achieving strong sustainable growth.

President & CEO

Hajime Nagasaka

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