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The history of our company

1918 Established as Tokai Electrode Mfg. Co. Ltd. (TDK) with a plant in Nagoya and the head office in Tokyo.
1935 Tanoura Plant opened to meet increasing demand for Graphite Electrodes.
1936 Kyushu Wakamatsu Plant opened for Pitch Coke production.
1938 Chigasaki Plant opened primarily for Carbon Brush production.
1941 Carbon Black production started on a commercial basis at the Kyushu Wakamatsu Plant.
1960 A 10-year technical agreement was made with Cabot Corporation for Carbon Black production.
1962 Chita Plant, the largest Carbon Black plant in Japan, opened.
1971 Hohfu Plant opened for Graphite Electrode production.
1973 Hohfu Laboratory opened.
1975 Changed the Company name to Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.
Chita Laboratory opened for Carbon Black production.
1978 Ishinomaki Plant opened for Carbon Black production.
1982 Production of SiC whisker, TOKAWHISKER, implemented on a commercial base.
1987 Tanoura Laboratory and the Fuji Research Laboratory opened.
1987 Tokai Carbon America Inc. established. Shonan Techno-Center opened for the development of new product lines.
1990 Tokai Carbon made a capital investment and entered into a technical agreement with Thai Carbon Product Company in Thailand for Carbon Black production.
European Representative Office established in Dusseldorf.
1990 A technical agreement was made with Jung Woo Coal Chemical Company in South Korea for Carbon Black production.
1992 Tokai Carbon merged with Toyo Carbon Co., Ltd., another leading company founded in 1918 that manufactures Graphite Electrodes, Friction Materials and Specialty Carbon products, etc.
1994 Tokai Carbon Europe S.R.L. established as a sales company of Specialty Graphite products.
1996 Tokai Carbon U.S.A., Inc. is established as its wholly owned subsidiary manufacturing company of SiC Coated Materials.
Tokai Carbon Korea Co., Ltd., established as a joint venture company for Specialty Graphite products.
1997 Tokai Carbon America Inc. and the European Representative Office closed.
1999 Tokai Carbon Europe Ltd. established as a holding company of Graphite Technologies PLC(defunct)., Svensk Specialgrafit AB(current Schunk Tokai Scandinavia AB) and Tokai Carbon Italy S.R.L. (Graphite Technologies PLC. and Svensk Specialgrafit AB were acquired during the year).
2000 Tokai Carbon acquired the majority of the shares of Thai Carbon Product Co., Ltd. Subsequently, the name was changed to Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co., Ltd.
2001 Shonan Industrial Complex opened, whereas Shonan Techno-Center closed.
2002 SGL Tokai Carbon Ltd. Shanghai established in China as a joint venture company with SGL Carbon AG for production and sales of Graphite Electrodes.
2003 Tokai Material Co., Ltd., established by transfer of the brake business from Mitsubishi Materials Kenzai Corporation.
2004 Tokai Carbon (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., established in China for production and sales of Carbon Black.
2005 Tokai Carbon acquired ERFTCARBON GmbH (current TOKAI ERFTCARBON GmbH) in Germany for production and sales of Graphite Electrodes.
2006 Dalian Tokai-Jinqi-Fuji Carbon Co., Ltd. (current Tokai Carbon (Dalian) Co., Ltd.) established for machining and sales of graphite products.
Tokai Carbon made Tokai Konetsu Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary through a share exchange.
Tokai Carbon acquired Carbon Industrie-Produkte GmbH group (current Tokai Carbon Deutschland GmbH) in Germany.
2007 Tokai Carbon opened and separated the Noshiro Plant from Tokai Fine Carbon Machining Co., Ltd. and established the 100% consolidated subsidiary of Tokai Noshiro Seiko Co., Ltd.
Tokai Carbon Europe GmbH established in Germany as the chief operating company for fine carbon businesses in Europe.
2008 Tokai Carbon (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in China (Shanghai) for sales of fine carbon products.
2010 Singapore Representative Office reopened.
2012 TOKAI CARBON (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. established for Production and Sales of Friction Material Products in China.
2013 Shonan Industrial Complex and Chigasaki Plant eliminated, Chigasaki Second Plant renamed to Shonan Plant.
Tokai Fine Carbon Machining Co., Ltd. renamed Tokai Fine Carbon Co., Ltd.
Dalian Tokai-Jinqi-Fuji Carbon Co., Ltd. owned subsidiary, renamed Tokai Carbon (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Singapore Representative Office closed, Thai Representative Office reopened.
2014 Tokai Carbon acquired Cancarb Limited in Canada for production and sales of Carbon Black.
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