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Carbon Black : Reinforcing agent for auto tires and other industrial rubber products. Coloring agent for printing inks, paints and plastics. Conductive filler for plastics,etc.
Graphite Electrode : For electric arc furnaces (for steel, special steel, cast steel and forged steel). For metal refinery electric furnace and others.
Fine Carbon : Specialty Graphite Products, Glassy Carbon, Carbon Brushes, Impervious Graphite, Silicon Carbide Coated Products, Fuel Cell Components, Carbon/ Carbon Composites, etc.
Friction Materials : Friction Materials, anti-friction materials and others for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, vessels, motorcycles, etc.
Industrial Furnace and Related Products : EREMA heating elements used for the calcination of ceramic capacitors and electronic parts. Heating equipment used for sintering, dissolving and heat treatment inside electric or gas furnaces.
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