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Friction Materials

Friction materials are widely used as clutches and brakes for construction, agricultural, transportation and other industrial machinery. Friction materials have two types of applications: one is known as the wet types, where the materials are used in oil, and the other is known as the dry type without oil, Tokai Carbon manufactures both types.

*"Toyocalloy" is a sintered metal, suitable for both applications.

*"Toyoca FC" is a fiber composite, suitable only for the wet application.

Wet Type Friction Materials

"Toyocalloy" and "Toyoca FC" can be applied to intermediate and heavy duty wet clutches and brakes for aviation,construction and other industrial machinery. "Toyocalloy" has a very large capacity for absorbing energy. "Toyoca FC" is recommended when a higher friction coefficient is required.

Dry Type Friction Materials

"Toyocalloy" is a sintered metal free from asbestos. This is widely used as brake pads for motorcycles and can be used for passenger cars and trucks. "Toyocalloy" is also used as facings of clutches in automobiles as well as electromagnetic and other industrial machinery.

Sintered Anti-Friction Materials

Through a unique powder metallurgy process, we manufacture sliders for hydraulic equipment, liners for presses, thrust washers, filters and current collectors.

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