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Carbon Black

As an indispensable addition to automobile tires, belts, vibration-control rubber, electric cable cladding, hoses, and rubber soles of shoes, etc. carbon black reinforces and strengthens the rubber used in these various products. Furthermore, carbon black is used widely as a colorant in printing ink, paints and resins. It is also used as a conductivity-imparting filler.

Ever since oil furnace black was produced at the Kyushu Wakamatsu Plant in 1950, for the first time in Japan, Tokai Carbon has constantly developed and manufactured high-performance products offering reinforcing effects. Our Chita Plant, one of our major facilities, was completed in 1962, followed by the startup of the Ishinomaki Plant in 1975. Tokai's own unique technology has contributed to the rapid growth of the firm, both in terms of product quality and production.

Today, Tokai's SEAST(tm) enjoys wide acclaim from all the users throughout the oil furnace black industry. Our products are shipped with great success to both domestic and overseas customers. Tokai has great enthusiasm in researching and developing new quality products in keeping up with technological innovations being made in the synthetic rubber and tire industries, and also to cope with the development of new functional products in various fields. The TOKABLACK™ for coloring and conductive applications has made a name for itself, and Tokai Carbon has secured its position as the number one manufacturer of carbon black and related products.


Thanks to its excellent quality, SEAST®, furnace black for rubber manufacture, enjoys a favorable reputation in the Japanese rubber industry.

*The tradename SEAST® derives from the combination of the two Chinese characters used to denote our company's name ToKai. 'To' means 'east' and 'Kai' means 'sea.'


In 1994, Tokai Carbon developed TOKABLACK® based on the technological know-how and reliability we gained through the successful manufacture and marketing of SEAST®. TOKABLACK® is a multi-purpose carbon black with wide-ranging applications and excellent conductive filler uses.


Thermax® grades are specialty carbon blacks manufactured by Cancarb Limited, a company fully owned by Tokai Carbon. These grades are unique due to their large particle size, low structure, and high purity. End uses include various rubber products, refractory, plastic, metallurgical, and many other specialty applications. To learn more details about Thermax®, including where to purchase these products locally, please contact Cancarb Limited directly.

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Hydrophilic Carbon Black / Aqua-Black

Aqua-Black was developed by modifying the normally hydrophobic surface of carbon black using Tokai's unique surface treatment technology to impart a hydrophilic property. With carbon black's dispersibility in water greatly improved, Hydrophilic Carbon Black is now attracting wide attention as a new colorant.

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