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Rights of Investors

1.Exercising Voting Rights

Shareholders who own at least one hundred Tokai Carbon shares can participate in the management of the company by exercising their voting rights, either in person at the General Meeting of Shareholders, in writing or online.


Shareholders receive dividends corresponding to the number of shares they hold. We consider the passing on of profits to our shareholders to be an important management task in raising our mid-to-long term corporate value. We strive to deliver a stable and sustainable dividend that reflects factors such as results and forecasts for each period, investment plans, and cash flow. Our benchmark for consolidated dividend payout ratio is about 30%.

3.Shareholder Benefits

Depending on the number of shares held and how long they have been held for, shareholders can choose from the selection of products in Tokai Carbon's official catalogue. The giveaway is available to all shareholders who had at least one unit of Tokai Carbon shares (= 100 shares) as of December 31 the previous year.

Stock Holdings Continuous holding period
Less than a year 1~3years 3years or more
100~1,000 shares -- ¥2,000 level ¥3,000 level
1,000 shares or more ¥2,000 level ¥3,000 level ¥5,000 level


All shareholders receive reports twice a year. These reports including information on interim and full year performance and profiles of some of our business activities.

5.To Become a Shareholder

Tokai Carbon shares are traded on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Securities code: 5301). You are welcome to purchase shares through a broker. One unit is made up of 100 shares, so the minimum purchase price is the current share price multiplied by 100.
*An additional brokerage fee will apply.