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Nipple With Paste

Nipple With Paste

In order to prevent loosening of the connection, the nipple is given a special treatment. As seen in the photo, the treatment involves paste filled in the holes inside the nipple. This paste remains solid under ambient temperatures, but softens, melts and penetrates the grooves, then foams over the threads and is carbonized preventing the joint from loosening.

The Nipple Handling

  1. Storage:The Nipples with paste should not be stored outside or in buildings where the temperature rises over 50 to avoid melting.
  2. Tightening Torque:Same as the recommended torque for standard nipples.
  1. Extensive application and mathematical calculation have proven that for electrodes smaller than 12-inches in diameter, the Nipples with paste are properly tightened by the recommended torque.
  2. The Nipples with paste should be connected as quickly and properly as possible either in on-furnace operation or in off-furnace operation (especially in on-furnace operation) to avoid paste melting before completion of jointing.
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