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Variety of Friction Materials

Variety of Friction Materials

  Materials of Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd. FMD Materials of Tokai Material Co., Ltd.
(Sintered Metal)
Anti - Friction Carbon Material Resin Mold Woven Soft Molded Resin
Applied circumstances Dry Wet Wet Wet Wet Dry Wet Dry Wet Dry
Vehicles Motorcycle Brake Pad                  
Automobile Truck,
Brake Pad                
Brake Shoe                  
Brake Lining                  
Range Clutch                
Transfer Clutch                  
Limited Slip Differential                  
Synchronizer Ring                  
Construction & other machinery
Construction Machinery & other Shift Clutch              
Power Take Off Clutch & Brake              
Steering Clutch            
Service Brake            
Parking Brake            
Revolution Brake        
Steering Brake              
Limitted Slip Differential              
Synchronizer Ring                  
Valve Plate for Oil Motor                  
Industrial Machines Clutch            
Retention Brake          
Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake              
Clutch for Press            
Brake Block for Press                  
Gib Liner for Press                  
Torque Limitter        
Rail road train Sliding plate for rolling stocks                  
Other Brake lining for washing machine                  
Micro clutch & Friction Washer                  
Brake for Bicycle                

Design Data Sheet for Selection of Friction Materials

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