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Applications-What are our products used for? Photovoltaic Industry

Polycrystalline Silicon (Siemens Reactor method)

Tokai Carbon Isotropic and Extruded Graphite are used as heater rods, screws and bolts. Tokai Carbon has a wide range of Graphite with specifications suitable for these types of application.

Single crystal Silicon (CZ method)

Tokai Carbon supplies Isotropic, Extruded and Molded high purity graphite, SiC coated Graphite and TOKAREC (CC composites) used for single crystal pulling equipment (CZ method).

Multicrystalline Silicon (including DSS and HEM casting method)

In various methods of casting multicrystalline Silicon for solar cells, our Isotropic, Extruded Graphite and TOKAREC (CC composites) are used for heaters, crucibles and susceptors. Tokai Carbon has a wide range of Graphite and CC composite with specifications suitable for all casting method parts.

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