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Semi conductor

Polycrystalline Silicon (Siemens Reactor method)

Tokai Carbon Isotropic, and Extruded Graphite are used as heater rods, screws and bolts. Tokai Carbon has a wide range of Graphite with specifications suitable for these types of application.

CZ Crystal Pulling

CZ Crystal Pulling

Contributing to the manufacturing of large scale integrated circuits, Tokai Carbon supplies isotropic, Extruded and Molded high purity graphite, SiC coated graphite and Tokarec used for silicon crystal pulling equipment (CZ method). The advantages of the product include high purity and high density united with the availability of custom designing along with a broad range of sizes.

Etcher Electrode

Glassy Carbon

Founded on our own original technique, Glassy Carbon is a highly impermeable material, which effectively combines the characteristics of carbon and glass. Because of its amorphous structure, Glassy Carbon generates a significantly lower number of particles than graphite.

Solid SiC

SOLID SiC, which has been developed by our unique technology, is a super high purity SiC made by Chemical Vapor Deposition process.

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Wafer susceptor

SiC Coated Graphite

From standard to custom designs, a broad spectrum of selections.

An engineering achivement, SiC-coated susceptors combine features of original graphite and SiC coating. Coated-susceptor parts and SiC-coating services all overcome the disadvantages of graphite materials, such as porosity or particle generation.

The integrated manufacturing capability from a substrate to a coated product promises customers productive versatility. Tokai Carbon's susceptors are designed to balance such graphite properties as particle diameter, porosity, thermal expansion and coating layers.

Wafer Annealing Furnaces

SiC-coated products are used in various steps of the wafer annealing process. Tokai Carbon supplies furnace parts, such as Boats, Tubes etc., using our SiC coating services. Solid SiC is a super high purity SiC made by Chemical Vapor Deposition process. The advantages of the product can use high temperature annealing process to be melt existing quartz parts.

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