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High Temperature

Continuous Casting

To produce high quality non-ferrous cast products, graphite is used as a die. Our graphite dies are produced with strict quality control. Graphite can be machined to any shape while providing excellent thermal shock resistance and lubrication. Pure copper, phosphor bronze, brass and gray iron are continuously cast to shapes such as rods, plates or pipes.

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Tokai Carbon supplies Isotropic, Extruded and Molded graphite and TOKAREC (CC composite) used for various type of heat treatment furnaces in the world. The properties of graphite and cc composite make it ideal material for components which are used inside of furnaces.

Optical Fiber

For Optical Fiber Manufacturing:

Hot Zone Parts

High purified graphite is used to manufacture optical fibers as heaters and heat shields.

Diamond Sintering

Diamond blades, drill bits and other cutting tools are produced using high temperature sintering process. Graphite is required to manufacture diamond sintering products and Tokai Carbon provides a wide range of Graphite grades for these applications.

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