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Typical properties of Hydrophilic Carbon Black "Aqua-Black 162" and "Aqua-Black®001"

Self-dispersible Carbon Black "Aqua-Black®162"

  • There are no surfactants,dispersion aids, or polymers used to stabilize the dispersion.
  • When printed, the images are lightfast with high optical density.
  • We treat carbon blacks that you want to use.

Model of self-dispersible carbon black

Distribution of Aqua-Black162

Properties of Aqua-Black162

Surface functionality Carboxylated
Viscosity 6.5mPas
pH 6.5
Surface tension 72mN/m
Solids 19.2% pigment in water
Stability 4 weeks at 70°C
Particle size distribution Mean 110nm
99% 280nm

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Our Unique Feature

Tokai Carbon's colorant dispersion are unique in the superior formulation and print properties offered. These feature include:

Stable dispersion

Tokai Carbon's dispersions are inherently stable due to the ionic nature of the chemically bonded surface groups which use like charge to repel the pigment particles from one another. The pigments will not settle out or separate from the ink as is often the case with traditionally prepared dispersions. This inherent stability alleviates the need for the addition of polymers or surfactants to disperse and stabilize the pigment dispersion. It also eliminates the potential negative interactions of those materials with the ink-jet hardware (i.e., kogation).

Formulation flexibility

Since the pigment are stabilized without the use of surfactants or dispersants, the ink physical properties are no longer dictated by these materials. Additionally, the stabilization method provides a wide range of compatibility with typical ink-jet ink components, thus giving a large degree of freedom to optimize performance.

Optimum particle size

Specialty microfine pigments have been chosen to optimize all aspects of pigment based ink-jet inks. These fine particles offer the highest stability, eliminate the possibility of nozzle clogging, and optimize such print parameters as optical density, color, and sharpness on a wide range of substrates.

Aqua-Black®162 versus the others

Aqua-Black®162versus dyes

Traditionally, ink-jet inks have used dyes as colorants. For print performance, black pigments are preferred over black dyes. Performance advantages of ink-jet inks designed with Aqua-Black®162 dispersions include the following.

  • True Black Color
  • Higher Optical Density
  • Improved(sharpness) resolution
  • Lightfast
  • Heat stability
  • Waterfastness
  • Environmentally friendly
Aqua-Black®162 versus other pigments

Tokai Carbon's innovative colorants offer the highest performance over existing carbon black dispersions for ink-jet ink formulation. The unique chemically-bonded, ionic surface functionality eliminates the possibility of particle agglomeration and changes in other physical properties due to environmental factor. Whether it is the raw dispersion on the shelf, or a formulated ink being put through the harsh conditions of an ink-jet printhead, stability is maintained. In addition, since Tokai Carbon technology eliminates the need to add polymers and surfactants, the adverse effects often caused by these additives are removed.

Aqua-Black®162versus other self-dispersible CB

To gain a better understanding of the interaction of the Aqua-Black®162 black colorant dispersion with typical components used in the formulation of ink-jet inks.

Performance advantages of Aqua-Black®162 dispersions include the following:

  • Higher optical density for PPC paper
  • Lightfast
  • Heat stability
  • Waterfastness

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Self-dispersible Carbon Black Aqua-Black®001

  • Uniform dispersibility in water
  • Low price
  • Used as black colorant in various kinds of industrial materials
  • Preferably used as sintering additive in ceramics production

Properties of Aqua-Black001(Reference level)

Surface functionality Carboxylated
Solids 19% pigment in water
Viscosity 5-9mPas
pH 6-9
Particle size distribution Mean 120-210nm
99% 280-550nm
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