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CSR Basic Policy·Environmental Philosophy

CSR Basic Policy

At the Tokai Carbon Group, our business activities are founded in our corporate philosophy, Strength in Trust. This represents the underlying belief that our greatest strength lies in mutual trust we have developed with stakeholders.
Grounded in this belief, our CSR activities focus on compliance, the environment, and social contributions. Each member of the Tokai Carbon Group embraces and proactively engages in CSR to ensure we are able to make wide-reaching and continuous contributions to social development.

The Tokai Carbon Group has outlined the following Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy to promote environmental conservation activities.

Environmental philosophy

The Tokai Carbon Group views the protection of the global environment as one of our highest-priority management issues. We work to achieve harmony between business activities and the environment, and conduct activities towards the realization of a sustainable, recycling-based society.

Environmental policy

1. Enhance environment management system

Work to maintain and improve environment management system and conduct environmentally-conscious corporate activities.

2. Promote effective use of resources and energy

Work to protect the global environment through resource conservation, energy conservation, minimizing industrial waste, and reducing emissions of greenhouse effect substances and toxic substances.

3. Comply with relevant environmental laws

Adhere to laws, ordinances, and agreements related to the environment and, as necessary, outline voluntary management standards to work towards environmental protection.

4. Promote environmental education activities and social contribution activities

Use environmental education to elevate environmental awareness and participate in local environmental conservation activities to protect the local environment and improve communication.

5. Disclose environmental information

Use IR activities to distribute environmental information related to corporate activities in order to ensure transparency.

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